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And Then Suddenly

Oct 29, 2018

While on vacation in the late 80s, Ciaran Blumenfeld got on a bus in Israel in order to catch a boat to the Greek islands. The stranger who sat next to her on that ride began to say and do things that could be described as other worldly. We talk about travel, paranormal events, and what happens when you believe in...

Oct 23, 2018

Thirteen years ago, former teacher and lawyer Duncan Payne had a heart attack. We talk about strange responses to emergencies, how things forever change, and the fears that emerge and vanish after being in the belly of the whale.

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Oct 16, 2018

Megan Bryan was loving the firefighter life when she decided to be a single mother by choice.  She found a sperm donor and after numerous rounds of fertility treatments, her daughter was born and she suddenly had to confront the worst biases about herself and our society.  We talk about parenthood, racism, sexism,...

Oct 9, 2018

During her divorce, Debórah Eliezer Adabachi (theater artist, voiceover professional, Co-Artistic Director foolsFURY Theater, owner of Venado Retreat) did a theater workshop with Stephen Wangh.  One physical exercise led to a breakthrough that changed everything.  We talk about somatics, losing your voice, moving on,...

Oct 2, 2018

During President Obama's second term, the military was scaled back.  Brian talks about being impacted by the drawdown and what life is like after serving twelve and a half years in the Marines.


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Center for Strategic & International Studies, "What Has the Budget Control Act of 2011 Meant for...